3400 Around Lenox Rd NE, Suite #215, Atlanta,GA 30326404-231-4114info@emilyandnicole.com
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3400 Around Lenox Rd NE, Suite #215, Atlanta,GA 30326404-231-4114info@emilyandnicole.com

All About Us

When Emily and Nicole first met almost 10 years ago they instantly bonded chatting about Style, Fashion, Beauty and “How much they looked alike?” They honestly thought they might be the real “Parent Trap”~ of course, they weren’t!!

People define friendship in many different ways, however; Emily and Nicole define theirs as unique considering they are more different than they are alike, kinda like a “grommet & stud and a sparkle & prism, but when you mix them together it is the perfect swirl” in their words. Emily and Nicole get together and they go right into a world of their own. That world is glamorous, outrageous and beyond fun! They laugh so much that it becomes instantly contagious to everyone around them.

While some people might not understand either of their personalities or humor, the two are genuinely hysterical and warm-hearted. Their confidence and charm can light up a room. One thing is for sure, these two are never afraid to laugh at themselves!! You can definitely say they have a very strong, TRUE friendship that will be lifelong!

In knowing that, that is why the two chose to go into business together on the things they are most passionate about. Their three new lines they have chosen to launch really show how fashion in all categories can represent-Who You Are.

GLITTERATI is the perfect idea for the two, because they are both moms in their own way.  Emily being a mom to a two-year old little girl-AMZIE, and Nicole being a doggie mom to SOMMER.  They came up with a product  to focus on all moms out there who have children and dogs. We will reveal this product soon, it’s a big suprise.

SNOOTY BOOTIE is so typical of these two.  This Boot line is one that they decided to take into their own hands to prove you can be stylish and comfortable.  They live in their Muks yet have never been able to find a pair that were-unique- to say the least!

Last but certainly not least, their clothing line that couldn’t represent each one of them more perfectly- Haughty & Humble.  Emily is the more haughty one, while Nicole is the humble one, yet when you get to really “know” them, they are both a mix of the two complete opposite words!  Emily and Nicole came up with that name, and immediately knew they had to use it for their clothing collection.  Click on the below links to read about their products that will be launched soon.

Stay Tuned these two are quite a dynamic duo!!